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Patsy x

Very happy with my treatment. It has changed my life- Patsy’s friendly manner has put me at ease and now I enjoy the experience!!!
Ada. F

I am very happy with my treatment and it really doesn’t hurt at all!  Patsy is very friendly and brilliant at her job. Thank you!
Kay. B

I’m halfway through and will continue as its already making a difference. Patsy is so calming and easy to talk to it’s like therapy for free! Xxx
Claire. M

Just had my 3rd treatment of IPL and I am really happy with the results so far. Not as painful as I expected either!!
Karen. S

Awesome experience, I hope to be hair free soon! My under arms are the best they have ever looked ( I used to have to shave every day) Patsy is an incredible person, makes you feel so at ease and I have a free therapy every session 
Thanks so much!
Kerry H

Already seeing results after 3 treatments, the best thing about it (other than the fact I will never have to shave again) is the wonderful Patsy! I look forward to every app!  
Rachel. D

Fantastic results after just a couple of treatments. Under arm results have given me the confidence to wear little tops again. Patsy is great and instantly puts you at ease.
Ness. W

I have had a great experience with Patsy. I have felt relaxed and taken care of and it works too!  Very happy.

Patsy has been brilliant and I have been looked after and feel relaxed every time. Thank you! X 

Really pleased with the results of my treatment, will definitely be keeping this up until I am hair free! Thank you so much!  x x x

The results have been brilliant! just had my fourth treatment, even after three I have virtually no hair growing back, no more spots, no more ingrown hairs, no hassle! 
Lauren. F

Brilliant results with Patsy! I suffered with ingrown hairs and now I have none thanks to IPL Great treatment…next stop legs! Thanks again.
Annali. S

Amazing! I cannot recommend enough. Almost immediate results with the IPL I will be back for more most definitely. Love IPL, love Patsy, enough said!
Joanne A

Patsy is amazing and always puts my mind at ease when I am being a wimp! The treatment is great and I have had great results with my under arms!
Linsey. F

So impressed with my laser treatment. Only two sessions in and I am already seeing a great difference. Great results with my bikini line!
Ali R

Patsy has been a lovely friendly consultant. Very pleased with my results, treatments are finished now but very happy!
Jill. S

I now have had nine sessions  of laser treatment and the difference is more than I could ever had wished for
Kelly. K

Really pleased with the results of my laser treatment and Patsy has made the whole experience so much easier with her warm, friendly approach. Many thanks.
Nicola. W

Very happy with the treatment. Patsy is an amazing person who makes you feel very comfortable and at home. She is a very professional and lovely person.
Julie. B

Fantastic results after 12 sessions nearly hair free. Patsy is very warm and welcoming to make it a pleasant experience
Cheryl J

Love the treatment. Practically no hair after 12 treatents. Patsy is FAB! X 

Excellent service. Really happy with the results so far after 6 sessions. Thank you so much Patsy!
Steph. P

Excellent service from Patsy will be back and will continue to recommend her treatments, especially the IPL. xx
Christie P

Had 12 sessions and nearly all gone. Really great service from Patsy. I will certainly recommend to anyone! X
Sam. F

Just had 6 sessions and practically hairless. Excellent service from the lovely Patsy. Brilliant! X 
Sarah H

Really pleased with my results after 12 sessions. I will be recommending Patsy to all my friends!
Caroline H

A bit too much detail but I was having ingrown hairs with my previous waxing. Then I met Patsy and I couldn’t believe how she made those problems end really nearly all my hair disappear in only 6 sessions. My under arms have gone. Really great service. I wold highly recommend Patsy to anyone! X 
Emma. S

I am very pleased with the hair removal so far. Excellent and friendly service  and I can already see an improvement!!
I would recommend Patsy!
Debbie C

Iv had 12 sessions of laser hair reduction. Fantastic results. Every time I come it is a joy to catch up with Patsy 
Elaine. M

Thank you super much! xxx
Great results so far and I love coming to see Patsy, she is so friendly and warm. Thank you so much! X 
Kate C

I have now completed 6 sessions, which I have seen amazing results and I feel so much more confident than I did when having it waxed or threaded. Thank you! Xx
Sam. B

Treatment very effective and always very friendly at all times! Thanks.
Sandy. F

After one session the hairs fell out and now Iv been able to hold my head high without feeling worried  about me showing my chin and neck. The hairs have come back fewer and softer! Can’t wait to complete  all my sessions and be hair free!! So happy so far with the results.
Louise. R

I have just finished a six session course of IPL and have been delighted with the results. Patsy is very professional whilst also  warm and welcoming and I would recommend  her most highly. Wish Id done this years ago!
Sarah G

The results of the IPL treatments on my face have been outstanding. The six sessions were spread evenly and appointments easily made. Patsy is very attentive and very professional and offers a great experience.
Veronica C